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In. Tw. Be. Db. Li.

What We Do

Jump abroad the train to success

Our marketing arsenal taps into the best of traditional and digital mediums, offering you world-class marketing solutions, international to hyper local brand exposure, event promotion, and management.

Event Management & Promotions

Brand & Product Launch

Online and Offline Marketing

MoneyTrain TV

You want a Buzz Worthy Event? You Got It!

We help you organize, manage, promote, and make your event WOW! With over 2 decades of experience in hosting events, our team of professionals will help you:

Plan: We help you with site selection, budget planning, timeline coordination, attendee registration, speaker set-up, food, beverages and everything else you’ll need for an amazing event.

Promote: We’ll boost your attendance numbers through a series of promotional videos, street promotions, online ads, and more. From designing and distributing flyers in your local neighborhood to running a big digital campaign, we can do it all.

Manage: We ensure everything runs smooth as silk. We take care of your guest’s needs, any last-minute changes, and all other management related stuff you can think of.

Let's Get You Out There with a Bang!

A new business venture can cause a lot of headaches. Let us take over some of your burdens. We can help you with all your design needs including Logo Design, Brand Identity, and Promotional Materials like Flyers, Posters, and Billboards. We can also help you with Offline and Online Marketing to spread word about your business or product. We can even get you the perfect Website. So, you name it, we get it.

Design Assets: We’ll design all the assets you need to get your brand going. A killer logo, distinct voice, memorable slogan, and a neat website – we’ll help you build a brand that shines.

Launch Campaign: We use a killer combination of online and offline marketing to get your brand off to a flying start. We build hype, evoke emotions, and consult influencers – all in all, we leave no stone unturned to make your product launch a success!

Want Marketing that Matters? Let's Get Innovative!

Keep your business in the limelight. Reach the right audience, when it matters and where it matters. Our marketing arsenal is deadly combination of traditional and digital mediums, starting from hyper-local street level advertisement to comprehensive digital campaigns – we believe in pushing boundaries.

Offline Marketing: Our offline marketing strategies focus on traditional mediums including street promotions, posters, flyer distribution, radio mixes, and TV advertisements.

Online Marketing: We offer an umbrella of digital marketing solutions covering social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, pay per click advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing and more.

Want best-in-class urban programming? Tune in to Money Train TV!

MoneyTrainTV.com features a wide variety of urban entertainment clips and full-length programs, showcasing the industry’s most popular music artists and producers, fashion models, comedians, actors and DJs along with up-and-coming independent talent from the local area.

Exclusive footage: We bring you exclusive studio footage of leading producers and music artists, and performance footage of the some of the region’s premiere hip hop and R&B concerts.

Public relations and image building: We pride ourselves in helping new and budding artists reach a wider audience and connect with industry giants.