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Who We Are

Money Train Entertainment Group

We are a full-service promotion, multimedia and event planning company that taps into a marketing arsenal of street promotions, mix show radio, creative advertising, music video shows, outdoor marketing, digital marketing, and special event planning to come up with invigorating, insightful and ingenious ideas for each client.

We help you spread ‘‘Key” messages to your ‘‘Target” audience by ‘‘All” means possible, using memorable designs, blanket strategies, and winning marketing.

We Unlock the True Potential of Your Business

We Aim for Your Success

We Do Everything that Your Business Needs

We are MTEG

We can get it done!

You have a goal, a mission, a vision for your brand? You need help to achieve it? We say, “We can get it done!” We are a yes, certainly, let’s do it, absolutely, type of company. We believe everything is DOABLE. We are in the business of Getting it Done!

Turn Opportunities into Success

We strive to turn opportunities into success stories for our clients and their businesses. Our experience saves them time and effort, which they can then use for other areas of their business. Our mission is to provide our customers with a personally tailored experience, which helps them connect, grow, and effectively stand out among competition.

Be Remembered for Good

We envision a future where our walls are filled with success stories and thank you notes from clients who keep coming back for more. We are working to create a culture of growth and success for our clients, our people and ourselves.

Our Devoted Clients