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3 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Be Big in 2020

Social Media is continuously evolving. What worked a year ago is now obsolete. To stay ahead of curve and gain an edge over your competitors, you not only need to stay updated with the latest trends but also strategize for the future.

Based on our research, here are 3 social media trends that are going to be big in 2020.

The Era of Micro-Influencers

The idea of influencer marketing has been around for a while. We see a lot of brands getting their message across via social media influencers. More so, some brands have tied up with influencers to increase their reach and credibility.

So, what exactly are micro-influencers? What makes them special? A micro-influencer, as the name suggests, is a social media person who has a decent following but is yet to achieve “celebrity status”.

Micro-influencers usually have niche-specific followers and can help brands reach hyper-local audiences. What gives them an edge over traditional influencers is that they have a small group of loyal followers and high levels of niche-specific engagement. Plus, they charge way less!

Rise of Private Groups

Launched in 2018, Facebook groups have witnessed unprecedented growth. Groups help brands directly engage with their potential customers, get feedback and develop a more personal connect. We’ve seen private groups become melting points of niche-specific debates, discussions, opinions and feedbacks. Social media marketing trends businesses can create their own groups, or participate in other groups as a business page.

Additionaly, the new “closed friend” feature on Instagram Stories helps brands categorize customers, filter content and improve targeting. Rumor is we’re going to see a lot more similar features in the near future

Micro-influencers usually have niche-specific followers and can help brands reach hyper-local audiences

User-Generated Content

This year saw a tremendous growth in user generated content. Social Media Marketing Trends Brands encouraged people to use their hashtags and post pictures and videos featuring their brand. This trend is predicted to grow a lot more in the coming year as brands come up with engaging ways to promote more user generated content.

One way to do this is to regularly share user created content on your official page. This will not only broaden your reach, but also build a lot more credibility.

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